Memphis Kitchen Renovation

Memphis Kitchen Renovations

This Memphis Kitchen had a lot going for it before the renovation and we were therefore able to keep many aspects of it while updating it to a status befitting its glory.  The old style was lacking in cabinet space as there was a cumbersome window over the sink which was wasting space.  The cabinets were however in pretty good shape however the handles were leaving something to be desired.  It featured old style wood pattern countertops that lacked luxury and the owner wanted to add a stylish back-splash to add some pizzazz to the design.  The appliances were old and out of date.  Also, the flooring left something to be desired.


In order to give this kitchen a more up to date look we started out by removing all the floor tile as well as the countertop.  Both were replaced with new and modern styles.  The countertops were replaced with new stylish light grey granite countertop to give it a more modern and classic look.  The floor tiles were also replaced in a new modern style with light grout to give it a smooth finish instead of the harsh visible lines with the old dark colored grout.  The cumbersome window was removed and in order to make room for more cabinets as well as a lovely custom designed backsplash.  The sinks and fixtures were replaced with a new pull down style faucet.  Brand new stainless steel appliances were installed as well as new cabinet handles to complete the new luxurious look.



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